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Lorene Willis

L Designs, Etc. is more than just an arts and crafts store.  We pride ourselves in being a minority-owned business that is wholly Native American. The co-owner, Lorene Willis, is a Jicarilla Apache/Choctaw who resides on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Dulce, New Mexico.  She is a skilled project manager, and has a great ability to plan and achieve goals. Moreover, she has a deep understanding of Jicarilla culture and the complexities of Apache traits related to the concept of living in "two worlds." Ms. Willis has been actively engaged with elders from various indigenous communities, both within the country and abroad. The fundamental principles of most indigenous nations revolve around the belief that all living beings are interconnected and that their natural surroundings greatly influence their way of life.   "Working with elders and learning the way of the Apache is the most rewarding experience in my life. I want to give back to my people. Using my skills and experiences, I created L Designs, Etc. to serve that purpose," said Lorene Willis.  Lorene Willis resumé click here.


"The Etcetera in the name means we have SO MUCH more to offer."


Bryan Vigil


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Bryan Floyd Vigil, also known as Dide Yooł Kai ii, has a diverse background rooted in military service as a Marine and co-ownership of L Designs, Etc. His upbringing within the Apache community instilled in him profound traditional wisdom, passed down from his parents and extended family, encompassing Apache customs, ceremonies, and ways of life. Throughout his life, Bryan has assumed significant roles within his community, including serving as Baalooma (Leader) of the Ollero (White) Clan for Go-jii-ya and fulfilling various duties as a Bear Dance participant.

In addition to his cultural responsibilities, Bryan has also pursued livelihoods as a farrier and rancher, contributing to his ex-wife's cattle-raising endeavors. His dedication to preserving Apache heritage led him to work as a Heritage Specialist for the Jicarilla Apache Cultural Affairs, where he gleaned invaluable insights from the elders of both the Red and White Clans. Today, Bryan is esteemed as an elder, speaker, storyteller, consultant, and custodian of traditional Jicarilla Apache knowledge, sharing invaluable insights into the "Lifeways of the Jicarilla Apache." "I stand for keeping the culture going at all cost because I made a promise to my mother not to die with my knowledge," stated Bryan.


And so much more . . .

L Designs, Etc. provides services in a wide array of projects; from tours to a traveling teepee museum, and a UFO conference that was orchestrated as a fundraiser for Apache Journeys.

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