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2024 IHS Competency Training

To develop positive and productive doctor-patient relationships within the Jicarilla Apache community
through understanding their
culture and traditions. As a
result, trust and mutual respect
will be increased between the
two: Doctor and Patient.

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Our Intention

Goal #1:  Share information regarding several of the present day ceremonies practiced by the Jicarilla Apache in order for non-residents to gain a better understanding of proper protocol for participation or observation.  Ceremonies are a great part of Jicarilla Apache rites of passage and healing.​


Goal #2:  Share a brief history of the Jicarilla Apache.  Who we are, where we came from and how we have come to live on the present day Jicarilla Apache Reservation. We will present a PowerPoint presentation that encompasses the rich history of the Jicarilla Apache. This will greatly assist the JSU staff members in comprehending the challenges and hardships that the Apache people faced during European northward and westward expansion and the remnants of cultural genocide.


Goal #3: Teach Jicarilla Apache language that is relevant to social interactions and health concerns.  Provide a Jicarilla Language Course for adult learners that emphasizes conversation rather than nouns, i.e. numbers, colors, and animal names.  Learning the Jicarilla language is important to earning respect from the community, just as it was a valuable asset of the late Jim Sutton, a great friend of the Jicarilla Apache.


Goal #4:  Teach herbal medicines and prayers that Jicarilla Apaches use from Earth Mother and as it was given to the Apaches by the Creator.

All ascend happily together!

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